Poorvi Sangeeth Academy

Poorvi Sangeeth Academy was instituted with a view to enrich Indian Traditional Classical Music and Classical Dance.
Academy’s objective is to create an awareness and promote Hindustani & Karnatic classical and Sugama Sangeetha music to all sections of people of all ages across India and world, by creating a platform for talented popular and upcoming artistes in the respective fields.
The Academy holds music programs wherein Various popular and talented upcoming artistes will be invited to render the concerts.
The Academy also holds workshops, holiday camps in Music, wherein works of great saints / poets will be conducted. Other interesting features will be also added during these programs.
Music classes are being conducted for Karnatic Classical & Sugama Sangeetha vocal which were started on Friday 12th April 2013. With good response other music Classes in Hindustani Classical vocal, Violin,  Tabla, Guitar, Keyboard, Bharatanatya dance were also started. Those interested to join for any of the classes mentioned above, may please contact the office of the Academy. 
The Academy was formed by a group of like minded people having a flair and passion for music. A Trust was registered in the month of August 2012 with 10 members comprising of a Chairman, President, Vice President, Managing Trustee, Treasurer and Trustee Members. These Trustees will be solely responsible for organizing the programs and following the objectives of the Academy. The Registered Office is in Malleswaram, Bangalore.
The Academy was inaugurated in November 2012. The Academy has opened up Membership for enthusiastic and interested Music Lovers. Such people can come forward and contribute generously for the noble cause through donations or by taking up Membership which can be either Annual, or Bi-Annual, or Life Membership.
To promote, Educate and support Indian Classical Music (both Karnatik and Hindustani), Sugama Sangeeth and Classical Dance
To provide stage for Veteran and Upcoming Talented Artists in Indian Classical Music (Karnatik and Hindustani), Sugam Sangeeth and Classical Dance, on a regular basis
To create awareness about music among all sections of people of all ages
To give training in Vocal, and Instruments like, Violin, Harmonium, Mandolin, Guitar, Flute, Veena, Sitar etc.. and percussive instruments like Tabala, Mrudanga etc.
To conduct competitions at Taluk / District / National Levels in Indian Classical Music (karnatik and Hindustani), Sugam Sangeeth and Classical Dance
To run an Institute for learners of Indian Classical Music (karnatik and Hindustani), Sugam Sangeeth and Classical Dance
To publish Magazines on these subjects
To produce and release of Audio and Video CDs pertaining to these subjects
To conduct workshops in Music and Dance